poniedziałek, 1 stycznia 2018

Menoth Reckoner Warjack

Old metal Menoth Reckoner warjack. A lot of work. A bought it glued and unpainted, but it took me a lot of time to make this final effect. The cast is just crap, the model itself is heavy and badly detailed, not very friendly and easy to paint. It could be better but seriously, I don't want to spend another day to correct it... Time to test it on the battlefield! 

poniedziałek, 20 listopada 2017

Sd.Kfz. 234/2 "Puma"

My lastest work. Puma from Italeri/Warlord Games box. Only 3 days of painting. Once again I've tried some new techniques, but the effect is not as good as it supposed to be. Comander is an addition only for photo purposes (is not ready yet). No mud, just light dust. I wanted this model to be clean and not battle worn to much.

wtorek, 10 października 2017

IS-2 "Tadeusz" 1/56 Warlord Games

Today I'll show you my IS-2 tank from Polish 5th Heavy Tank Regiment "Tadeusz". The actual photography of this tank can be easly found in browser. The model is 1/56 plastic kit from Warlord/Italeri. Few days of work, most of it was painting the numbers. I've used color modulation, filters, two types of mud and pigments. The chipping process as far as the decals were made by hand relying only on one photo. I have also add a turret texture. Hope you like it.

niedziela, 8 października 2017

Menoth Crusader Warjack

Time to post something different from Bolt Action which is heavy warjack for Protectorate of Menoth from Warmachine. Quite lovely model, my first painted by airbrush. As you could see earlier in the photo there is more Menoth to paint:) Another in line is legendary Reckoner and Malekus warcaster.

piątek, 6 października 2017

Joachim „Jochen“ Peiper

Short break to paint my new commander Joachim Peiper. He will lead my SS Divison today ;) Really speed painting, only 2 hours including base modeling and from beginning to the end painted with care. All my models are painted wit this schematic: shit painting-->speed painting-->table top-->pro painting, but not this one. Hope you'll enjoy it. Better photos as soon as I get new camera or better lighting.

niedziela, 1 października 2017

Back to work

Three of my current projects. I had a break after I damaged my airbrush, so I bought a new one and the work started quickly. I'm using full potential of color modulation as never before. Now the models have some "depth". All will be soon in my gallery. 

wtorek, 9 maja 2017

a lot to paint...

Seems like nothing happens here but be patient. There is a lot to paint on my "workshop" now. A small army of Menoth, IS-2 for bolt action and also a M7 Priest. Some Aleph and Nomads for Infinity...so you can see there is more to paint than time to do this all. I'm also waiting for airbrush. Two days ago I've received an airbrush compressor. All the minis are waiting too, because I won't start paiting without airbrush, cuz' I wanna do some tutorials and try to learn some new stuff. Is too much to paint job for classic brush and to be honest -I'm lazy. 

wtorek, 11 kwietnia 2017

M10 Wolverine 1/56 Warlord Games

My last child. M10 Wolverine from Italeri in 1/56 scale, dedicated to Bolt Action. Very simple building, not many parts and fair detail level for this price. Personally I play Nazi Germans, but I bought this US tank destroyer to paint something new and try some techniques like: salt chipping, color blending, filtering and try new mud from MIG. The overall effect is quite good, but I totally messed the color blending... Here are some photos of finished M10.  

środa, 8 kwietnia 2015


Welcome to my site about painting and modeling miniatures and wargame terrains that anyone can do with low skill and low cost. You will find here tutorials and galeries with my finished work. I hope you will find useful tips and please PM me when you have any objections or wishes.